Here are some of the on-going fundraising opportunities to help the Rowe School PTO!

Clynk — contact for Clynk bags and tags attached to our account. Simply collect returnable bottles and cans in the green Clynk bag, slap one of our tags on it, and return it to any Clynk center at your local Hannaford!

Amazon Smile — visit to pick Hall School Parent Teacher Organization (will be updating to Rowe as soon as we get our official name change paperwork back!) as your charity. Once you do that, each time you shop on Amazon, simply go to instead of just and a percentage of your purchase will come directly to us! This does not work on the app but you can do it on the mobile browser by using the URL above!

Box Tops — collect Box Tops from participating products and return them to the school. Preferably in a sealed ziplock bag or taped to the Box Top collection sheets that we will send home periodically. You can bring them directly to the office and they will get them to the PTO. We will have a drop box in the office very soon so you can just drop them!

Donations — we will always accept donations in any amount. Visit our PayPal link here (again, will be updating to Rowe as soon as we can.. but it still works!) to donate any amount at any time.

Volunteering your time or services — we are always open to help. Please email if you are willing to donate your time or services.