The original Fred P. Hall Elementary School was built in 1956 and provided learning spaces and learning environments to over 425 Pre-K through 5th grade students for over 62 years. After a fire in 2012 and overall deteriorating conditions within the school, Hall was placed on the Maine State Department of Education’s priority list for Major Capital School Construction in April 2014, making it eligible to receive state funding. In 2016, the City of Portland voters overwhelmingly approved a bond issue to fund the $29.7 million needed to rebuild the school. Concepts for the new school aimed to be sensitive to the Capisic Brook Watershed and retain many of the character-defining aspects of the site that have a benefit to the school and its community. A special subcommittee, School Ground Greening Coalition, and the Rowe Elementary School staff are working together to develop a comprehensive outdoor learning plan to further the education goals of the school.

As of September 2018, the brand new Amanda C. Rowe Elementary School is open to students for the first time.  You can view a write-up from April on the Portland Public Schools website here for more information about our namesake.